About the Repository

The SZTE UnivHistória repository is a database of publications (yearbooks, curricula, academic and student newspapers) related to the history of the university and its predecessors. This archive is part of the Contenta repositories, operated by the Klebelsberg Library.

The repository provides full coverage of documents about the operation of and the student life at the following institutions:

- University of Cluj-Napoca (1872-1881)
- Royal Hungarian Franz Joseph University (Cluj-Napoca, 1881-1919 and 1940-1945)
- Franz Joseph University (Budapest, 1919-1921)
- Royal Hungarian Franz Joseph University (Szeged, 1921-1940)
- Horthy Miklós University (Szeged, 1940-1945)
- University of Szeged (1945-1962)
- József Attila University (Szeged, 1962-1999)
- Medical University of Szeged (1951-1987)
- Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University (1987-2000)
- Juhász Gyula Teacher Training College (1973-2000)
- University of Szeged (2000– )

All publications are available full-text, and a part of the collection is also processed analytically, at article level. You can use the Browse by Volume or the Browse by Article options accordingly.

The repository is continuously expanding by the digitization of recent numbers of current publications and older documents.

If you need any further information, please contact us at contenta@bibl.u-szeged.hu.